Hof Kau XLIV

In the picture above, there is a reconstruction of Napoleon Bonaparte´s boot - one of the most valuable relict that found its way to hof Kau. Parts of the boot have been found under floors of the main building. The story have been remembered and told by the elders of Kau...

August von Kotzebue, as a councillor of the department of foreign affairs at Alexander I, witnessed defeat of the Napoleons grand army in 1812, and took the boot of Napoleon as a evidence.

In his last years of living, 1818, he gave the boot to his second son Otto von Kotzebue as a wedding gift. Otto von Kotzebue married Amalie Zweig in hof Mecks, Kosch kirschpiel. The boot was taken to hof Kau and later came a property of his son Otto Rjurik von Kotzebue, who left the boot to hof Kau in 1906, the year he went to Reval. Otto Rjurik died a year later.

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