Hunting season

In middle-estonia there is no show-off parade for Estonian Republics 93th birthday, just a two day long hunting session. Today men gathered by Kõue old schoolhouse. NGO Ardu hunting society (Ardu jahiselts) together looks like a small private army.

They divided into two companies, one of them going into forest villages (Paunaste, Pala) to drive animals to hofsland Kau, the others patroling Silmsi-Rava-Triigi road, covering animal pathways into Paunküla nature reserve.

I counted eleven watchpost in this road.

How does have men survived in villages for thousand of estonian winters? They manage natural resources - forest and animals.

There have been tales about six headed crowd of wolves hanging around plus one specially angry lynx.

Rava village, Andimäe place. Tallinn-Tartu highway is projected to cross here, over the highest ground.

Sniper in the other side of Andimäe hill.

Animal is driven there by others and all we have to do is wait.

Between old parish house and shophill (rava vana vallamaja, poemäe).

On the border of dorf Rava and hof Kau.

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