How I made true democracy

In this years Estonian parliament elections I voted for a party and for an individual candidate, I did not vote for a party nor an individual candidate. In last elections, 2007, I lived in a commune and everyone around me voted for an Estonian green party. I did not want to go with a boom and I left my vote for a future. This year in a list of the party I wanted to vote, there were all unknown names besides the first candidate (not the sharpest one among all of the choices), so I had to pick a candidate randomly - like in a true antique democracy!

So, what were the other choices? Most of the lists conisted of unkonown names for me, only one party (really dont rememer which) had three strong main candidades(kormoranid). There is no need to vote for a broilers and corrupted politicans, we are in a need of a change. The faces of the current leaders suggest no certainty, they are just cheap bargains for a shekels. The regime of Ansip has left 100000 estonians live below poverty and same amount has left homeland. The wail for a SKP is for those 200000 workers left, whose existence is depending by paying off mortgage loans for swedish bankers - this is a red thin line that separates them from a poverty.

So what are the issues we have to face in the future in a country where presumptions for a good life are for everyone? Less bureaucracy(=corruption), better form of education and social services (retired peoples income is already far better than a state of the unemployed). Gradual taxes are issue to think about, unitary state is all about cooperation, not competition that is a peak of ex-sovieticus understanding of cowboy-capitalism. New world order with a limited access to oil and global security replayed are also issues to think about.

If you have not made your mind, whom to choose on sunday, I suggest a single candidate who represent female values (that current capital-blinded parliament is in a lack of), is intellegent, good looking and lives in middle-estonia, nearby hof habbat - Siiri Sisask:

My forecast for an Estonian parliament 2011(%):

Sotsiaaldemokraatlik Erakond 25
Eesti Keskerakond 24
Eesti Reformierakond 22
Erakond Isamaa ja Res Publica Liit 15
Üksikkandidaadid 9
Erakond Eestimaa Rohelised 5

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Triin ütles ...

Lucky me I left Estonia exactly before Ansip came to power. I could be homeless. My that time employer has disappeared from earth.
I have never lived in Ansip's Estonia. Who knows what I have missed!

Juhan ütles ...

Well, you have missed a mix of siberia and South-Africa in Europe!