Chainsaw mill

Sae MK-II mill is a very handy and simple chainsaw mill for smaller sawing works like stairs, furniture or up to 15" raw material (with 20" guide bar).

Its a simplified alaskan, middle-estonian derrivate.

One more cut - of course you can cut as long lumber as your material is.

Done - 4 x 2" planks from one log.

This is the system.

There is no new thing on earth - Sae MK-II clone seen in Will Maddoff´s Chainsaw Lumbermaking manual as a simple speciality mill.

If it´s not powerful enough you can DIY a classic Grauberg MK-III ! This picture is also from Will Maddoff´s Chainsaw Lumbermaking manual.

What is the most important thing to rember when using or developing a saw mill? Sharpen your chain right! Will Maddoff´patented chain is Modified Chisel Chain, see the picture above.

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