Lords of Hof Kau "Die grosse Hoflage" (XCII - XCV)

Although hof Kau is associated with russians second famous around the world sailor Otto von Kotzebue (1788 - 1846), his activity around Kau was rather short (1832-1846).

Having a signature similar as his father (Otto v. Kotzebue), Lieutenant Commander Otto Rjurik Nikolai von Kotzebue (1823-1907) was the landlord around there much more time (1846-1906), selling his property a year after 1905 revolt and a year before his death in Reval to Julus Hagemeister.

Nationalisation splitted the heartland of hof Kau mainly between the veterans of Estonian War of Independence - the bigger kill count ensured a better parcel of land.

The main building of Hof Kau was given to colonel Karl-Johann Laurits who sold the property in 1938. After the destruction of the Kau schoolhouse in 1941 hof Kau accommodated the school.

In the school era (1941-1975) we could add into the list of Kau landlords the director of the school in 1943-1949 Georg Bergert (1892-1984).

This picture is taken four years before his death in 1980, school of Kau was closed back then a five years ago.

Fotod: Otto Kotzebue ja Julis Hagemeister - Harjumaa Mõisalegendid, Mari-Ann Remmel 2008. Otto Rjurik Nikolai Kotzebue - Eesti Ajalooarhiiv. Kol. Laurits - Pärnu Postimees, Kaitseliit. Georg Bergert - TÜ Pedagoogika Arhiivmuuseum.

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