Life near the windmill of Habbat

Life in middle-estonia can flow hundreds of years like nothing ever happens - children go to same schoolhouse (hof Neu-Harm) like their grand-grandparents went. Parts of robust limestone manor buildings (hof Kau) have been dated to middle-ages.

And if something ever happens, it´s also unexceptional like changing of the season or sun going down every day.

The windmill of hof Habbat, not functioned for at least 60 years is a place of shooting telenovela by Nafta film. Today they made some night filming (upper picture).

These are good news for the heritage of Estonian windmills - once here was more than one thousand windmills. Nearest working dutch-type of mill is in hof Seitel (St. Matthis, Alp, Jerwen).

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