Vacancy for the manager

You have:

College education (BA)
experience on management,
knowledge of foreign languages and
interests in history

Then You could be amongst those in middle-estonia, who have a real job! This vacancy is in Paide, town in the very centre of estonia and capital of county Jerwen, subject of this offer is a management of a tourist attraction - medieval castle (vallitorn) that act as a time machine! Vacuum of social capital in estonia is successively more serious problem - towns and village roads empty person by person, lost for better salaries offboard. I could apply for this job myself but distance from my homeland hof Kau to Wiessenstein castle is too long for everyday ride - 40 km not-maintained heavy offroad between bogs or same amount of Tallinn-Tartu highway in between the most dangerous Ussisoo section. I could use some public transport but then I had to walk also some 5 km in day.

Next manager of middle-estonian time-machine castle will also have to answer for those questions:

Why there is no open stairwais so you have to ride with elevator at least eight times while you visit the centre?

Why the webpage have one type of graphic design and the tower have only A4 xerox-copied textpaper for tourists?

Why there is no signs in highway leading to tower?

Why the only Estonian historic figure in this so called "history-centre" is Arvo Pärt (christian and russian inviders have many portraits with golden frames)?

Why the mainstream newspapers have not yet done story of vallitorn?

Despite all, Weissenstein castle is an interesting attraction, when I visited it, recieptionists were Paide towns development officier and development and foreign relationships specialist. In Paide town, the best thing is closeness of power, for example when I visited Paide´s City Hall for middle-estonian development conference, I was personally thanked by Paide mayor Sarapuu for attending. Middle-estonia is in need for a good thinkers and doers.

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MART ütles ...

40 km is not so long way to work. (this is not an excuse)
But of course, depends what pay they offer ?

Juhan ütles ...

Like in typical estonian job announcement, they didnt swow the salary, actually I don´t find original job advertisement.

Well, You can go to this work 40 km, but consider exact activities that include communication of other Jerwen tourist attractions and guiding hordes of enthusiasts also in weekends, it´s better to live in beautiful Paide town (Weissestein).

Rainer ütles ...

Actually the official announcement will be published next week in Järva Teataja and Postimees.
But I don't think that the information about salary will be public. Yes, that's usual tactic in estonian practice, but there is also another reason: I think that manager should earn the salary - I mean foundation Wittenstein does'nt probably have recources for that, manager should be effective enough in his sale-skills :)

Hongmees ütles ...

Oled ikka kindel Juhan, et see postitus peaks inglise keeles olema? :)

Juhan ütles ...

I thing Hong, that JT online and Paide´s local gossip made it clear to every potential candidate, that there is a vacancy and Postimees does the rest. Also, only way to improve heavilly amount of tourists is to do some marketing internationally?

Rainer ütles ...
Blogi administraator eemaldas selle kommentaari.
Rainer ütles ...

The official announcement in estonian http://www.paide.ee/index.php?page=9&article_id=4927&action=article and in english: http://midest.blogspot.com/2011/01/foundation-ajakeskus-wittenstein.html

Juhan ütles ...

Is there some parrallel with Pokumaa? http://www.postimees.ee/?id=376231 with 18000 visitors 2009? Ready made exchibition sponsored by EAS but difficult to manage because you can´t easily exchange what there is to see?

Rainer ütles ...

In case of Wittenstein there is at least one serious problem: EAS money for marketing of Ajakeskus in early period of the project (about 2 yrs ago) was not used on this purpose. So now they are expecting the hords of tourists, but at the same time they have done almost nothing to "sell" the Tower.

Juhan ütles ...

That is a fact that there´s nothing done about marketing the tower. So this future manager will have to heat, maintain, market, create events, sell the tower and earn his/hers salary all above these articles?

Rainer ütles ...


Juhan ütles ...

Damn! Hiiemaa or someone form Weissenstein´s foreign relations should comment and say that this is NOT true!!!

Juhan ütles ...

vacancy in cvonline estonia:


Todays newspaper of Jerwen says that salary is less than 1342 €:


Juhan ütles ...

Mess with timecentre continues - yesterdat there was a press release in Jerwen newspaper, that former deputy major got the job - today there is written that winner is to be announced soon... http://www.jt.ee/?id=395336

Juhan ütles ...

Well, looks like timecentre has a directriss in work. Good luck to Piret to deal with this big and awesome attraction!