Baltic wooden manorhouses - hof Gambla-Harm

Propably the oldest wooden house in Kau district is in hof Alt-Harm (Мз. Оясоо). Twenty years ago there was no windows and doors in the main buliding. Interior was mostly covered with soviet wooden planks and plates so original wall- and ceiling paintings were not visible.

These pictures are from 2004 and 2005, when the renovation was started.

Nowadays the building is well preserved from inside, outside it is covered with lime-green paint.

The theory, that name Ojasoo is newer than Harm is wrong, map from swedish times show that hof Gambla-Harm was in Ojjas-Byy (river-village).

The main building and watermill are also shown in map.

This buliding, hof Habbat brewery and one more building were privatized for 1 EEK per building, so the former supplier of Habbat sovkhoz got 3 buildings for €0.19!

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