Educational tool fair at Tallinn University

Why is it that Estonian teachers salary is europes tiniest but the education is relatively good? The answer is that in difficult conditions ingenious solutions will come to mind!

At the educational tool fair were shown a tiny part of what teachers create themselves to resist zero budget for supporting tools. Maximum demand and minimum supply were for creative tools for kindergardens. In the picture above, there is a 2D pottery device for painting into compact discs.

Lots of kits for captioning nature.

The most attractive books were for blind children. And people marvel why are blind peoples other senses more evolved than others! Nowadays normal kid grows up and propably have not touched a natural bone! Sliding a fingers in iPad is touching a glass, there is no fine motility involved.

Exciting and attrative puzzles.

When was the last time you or your child caressed a cheep and a hedgehog?

Touchbooks for every Estonian traditional anniversary. More expensive than Ipad 2.

The most prudent marketing were at the tables of two geometrical object providers, above mathematical primitives from Livland.

And middle-estonian publishing house JS - providing architectural models of manorhouses in Jerwen, windmill of Seitel, in this picture is not present already sold out collection of schoolhouses in Kau district.

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