Hof Kau LII

It has been one year since the beginning of intensive renovation of hof Kau.

Actually, cleaning of ruins began in winter 2008 and lasted to summer 2009.

The heroes of this story are the workmen operating in very hot summers and cold winters, among the sad springish white mists of middle-estonia.

As in 19th century hof Kau, many of the workmen are native russian, especially in tougher jobs. As the cronicles say, when there was a need of burning bricks in hoflage Oraveski, a master burner had to come from Russia to manage the Oraveski Ziegeley.

What is the question I have had to answer the most in this exciting year? It is "when the hof Kau is finished?" The answer is the more time it takes the better quality it will be, there is no need to hurry. One and a half year for three big historical buildings is even insane timeframe. The good news are that official archeology raport in draft is present in National Heritage Board. It is not final, because of the earthworks of hof Kau are not finished.

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