Travellers middle-estonia

I started my journey from hof Neu-Harm, main building is partly beautifully renovated a few years ago by Kau parish.

Lets look at the big picture from one mile away. Roof of the big watermill is broken, there is no owner or no tears for this loss.

Approaching backyard of hof Habbat, some soviet industrial buildings.

The other side of hof Habbat. Metal door of the brewery. Street name leads us to parish centre. I go the other way.

Former road of timber transportation.

Hoflage Kossaste. Once here lived a man called "black communist". He chased brothers of forests and held parties here, where the ruins are still remaining.

Entire soviet era is turning into ruins. Barn of the hoflage Nutto. Both Kossaste and Nutto were economic supporting units of the hof Kau.

Another lost barn, far, far away, in Kadja.

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