Hof Kau XLVI

What is a yearning of home? Who has been far away from home, knows the feeling.

Otto von Kotzebue sailed three times around the world, later he chose from all places he has been, hof Kau as his home. A place in middle-estonia, a land between east and west, a centre of the world, with long freezing winters and short summers hot and dry.

In Estland, constant good and idle ages never last long. Otto had to work in harbor of Reval to stay landlord in his home.

In every night he spent in Reval, he had a dream that he is at home. He saw that he is in the room in gut Kau that actually never existed. He even saw a reflection of a room window. In the time of awakening he realized that the dream room was in the part of the building that never existed.

He lost forever into his dream room in 3th of february, 1846.

In 1906, his son Otto Rjurik sold the property of hof Kau to Hagemeister family and went to Reval. Otto Rjurik had a year of life left to live. To dream about home. To see this haunted window reflection in every of his dream.

In 2011 this reflection of the window of Kotzebues dream has become real.

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