Hof Kau XLV

Here are some classic "then and now" series of pictures, previously published on Triigi villages FB page. Triigi village in Kõue parish located in Harju county, Estonia (Europe) is actually not a village. After 1921, when landlords of manor heartland (hof Kau) were announced as an outlaws, land was parceled into lots for the new owners, primarily reserved for Estonian war of independence veterans, and this land was called as Triigi colony (Triigi asundus).

This picture is from Kosch churchyard, the grave of Otto von Kotzebue. Amazing, that 30 years ago there was a fence around Kotzebue familys final resting place. Well, seems like someone needed it more.

You can read about Hof Kau´s future as a Kross Culture Manor in todays owner page.

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