Hof Kau LIII

In hof Kau there is a park pavillion in a place of Schmiede (as in 1873 map).

There will be a well pavillion as seen in this Mimi Kotzebue drawing from 1837.

What other buildings could there be in the future? National Heritage Board allows to build up only ruins of the existing buildings. There are many of them historically documented, but not in the level of architectural details.

Alcohol brewing has been the main economical operations of baltic manors in 18.-19. century. The history of hof Kau brewery is documented in three stages.

First place of primitive brewery kitchen is located between the main building and pavillion. Its foundation of two chimneys is seen well and in 1873 map it is located as Küche.

Second brewery (upper picture from National Heritage Board) is bigger and more solid, in 1873 map described as Brandtweinküche.

The third brewery is in blueprint, located in Tallinn town archive, Hagemeister fund. Never built.

Complete drawings from the beginning of the 20. century.

Julius von Hagemeister, head of the Reval credit cash register wanted to make big time vodka in hof Kau, only regime of the Estland changed...

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